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CCTV Franchise Surfs into Newquay Amid Fear of Doorstep Scams

An East Midlands CCTV firm is gearing up to open its first ever franchise in Newquay, amid fears that homeowners are falling victim to doorstep scams during Covid19.

iHomeCCTV was founded by Derbyshire businessman Chase Dobbie (37) after a spate of burglaries at his family home, sparked a life-changing idea to protect not just himself, but his local community.  

Chase, a Truro University sound engineering and multimedia graduate, started working on his own CCTV system for his family home, and as friends of friends began asking for CCTV systems, he started installing at weekends away from his former job as an account manager for Craig & Rose Paint.

In 2016, iHomeCCTV was established.

Now Chase has expanded his business into Cornwall to meet the demand for affordable home security equipment during Covid19.

Headed up by ex-carpenter, Lloyd Kirkby (37), the new iHomeCCTV franchise will offer Hikvision Pyronix integrated alarm systems, which can be fully tailored to the size, shape and layout of your premises. Designed with what’s known as ‘Double Redundancy’, the systems also have their own power back-up and built-in Wi-Fi, providing you with live mobile phone alerts in the event that an intruder attempts to access your property.

The move comes as more and more reports are being logged about doorstep scams during the Covid19 crisis. 

Chase said: “Scammers are trying to ‘cash in’ on the crisis by targeting vulnerable people, and we are here to ensure that they have some level of protection- even if our systems act as a deterrent.

 “One of the most shocking scams that we have heard about are scammers going door to door selling masks, which have been soaked in sedatives.  They are asking homeowners to try them on for size, and then entering their property once they are unconscious.

 “We have also had worrying reports about scammers extorting money from homeowners by telling them that they are collecting donations towards a Covid19 vaccine.”

Lloyd the new franchise owner, is married with two children, he said: “I started my career as a carpenter, and later on in life became a site manager, managing a £4M house for Sir Michael Walker, the owner of Iceland.  During this project, I found a passion for security systems, and the rest as they say is history.”  

Lloyd who has worked in security for three years added: “I have big ambitions to be the main supplier of security systems in the South West, and feel that the business will succeed because iHomeCCTV offers a unique customer experience, providing a consultation, installation, and an aftercare policy which is unrivalled.” 

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