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IT Firm’s £1M Software Could Help Hospitality Sector Recovery

An IT solutions firm’s £1m development is being hailed as a weapon in the UK’s armoury in getting the country’s hospitality and retail sectors open for business in the wake of Covid-19.

Derby-based RDS Global’s innovative Black Box™ is being tailored for use in both industries – and could even help report the take-up of use of hand sanitiser and monitor PPE usage, as well as check people’s temperature.

The Black Box™ is a ‘cloud’-based software solution connecting existing data systems together, allowing for real-time and unified data to be used in existing reporting systems, or integrated into third party solutions.

The interactive business intelligence software shows real time information via online website reports and dashboards.

It could be instrumental in the recovery of the UK’s shops, 

pubs, clubs, cafes and hotels, after Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in his statement last week that the industry – one of the hardest-hit by lockdown – could start to re-open from July 4, if social distancing was possible.

Andy Flinn, chief executive officer at RDS, and his team, have created new add-ons to the original Black Box™ concept.

Andy said: “RDS is working with partners providing health and safety in the hospitality and retail sector.

“RDS is pleased to offer its full support to this measure.

“We are working with a hand sanitiser provider to add Black Box™ technology to their electronic dispensing stands to provide data regarding use of sanitiser and order refill requirements.

“We are also now adding the option of an individually-monitored facial recognition and heat check camera to check for PPE-wear with a temperature check that will send an alert to a reception monitor to allow or restrict access to a building.

“This means that if an individual is running high on the temperature check there will be a recorded note, to not allow access for the minimum 14 days and to raise an alert if conditions are not followed.”

.The RDS Black Box™ was launched last summer and took just over two years to develop.

The unique patent pending solution from the firm, founded in 1997, aims to revolutionise the way industry functions and is capable of connecting different systems and controllers, and porting multiple data feeds into one place.  

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