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Derby is Set To Give ‘Rise to the Machines’ on Thursday- And Here’s Why.

Coding bots which can be programmed to complete mazes, the opportunity to build your own laptop, and virtual reality business tours are all set to be the order of the day this Thursday, as Derby based IT giant, RDS Global prepares to launch its latest product- The RDS Black Box.

The one-off event being held at The Derby Quad will be run over the course of two sessions, and is being described by industry leaders as ‘experiential’ and ‘immersive’, as it sees former ‘fraudster’ Tony Sales talk in depth about his fight against fraud and the benefits of this latest product.

Taking over 24 months to complete and racking up an estimated development bill of £1million, the RDS Black Box is set to revolutionise the way that industry functions when it is officially launched this week as it can provide a fully secured ISO/Cyber Essentials based solution that  provides connections from legacy to the latest technologies for real time reporting. 

The unique patent pending solution is capable of connecting different systems and controllers, and porting multiple data feeds into one place.  This can be hosted on site or in the cloud, from where detailed reports are generated live through personalised dashboards.

It is thought that the new innovative management information system will allow for the consolidation of data, allowing businesses to use it for their strategic advantage, and its raft of benefits has already resulted in an impressive guest list of 120 people from the local business and automotive communities.

Andy Flinn, CEO at RDS Global said: “At RDS Global, we are passionate about technology and want businesses to embrace the ever-evolving industry as well as use it to their advantage. We are excited to officially launch the RDS Black Box as it will drive positive change and efficiency in business. The event this Thursday will give us all an opportunity to learn, share ideas and grow with one another.”

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Andy Fiynn. RDS Global. Source: Poppy PR

Those attending the sessions will be able to hear from a range of thought leaders in the world of IT, and try their hand at using Virtual Reality systems for CAD which will be hosted by Warwick University, and even have a go at programming a coding bot to complete various tasks. It is also thought that attendees will also learn how to build a laptop in a simplified way, which is helping the team at RDS Global to deliver such programmes in schools for future generations.

Andy, added: “There are plenty of challenges around cyber security, and customers would like to see confidence in corporate infrastructures and undivided efforts into the best service they can, without having to worry about security elements. We are very much looking forward to the event, and believe that we will provide something that Derby has never seen before.”

For more information, or to visit one of the sessions between 8am-11am and 1pm-4pm, please visit https://rds-global.com/

About RDS Global

RDS Global was established in 1997, originating from the IT department of a Derby-based automotive dealer group. Focusing first on providing tailored network services; IT support, cloud, hardware and consultancy solutions were soon added to our solution portfolio in response to customer requirements.

We have a great understanding of how IT based systems are utilised in a corporate environment, and our aim is to take efficiency and customer service to the next step.