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Local Businessman Turned Author

Nigel (LJ) Da Silva, a local business man and owner of Silver Creative has finally published his first book The Zombie Dialogues on Amazon.

LJ has spent most of his life writing, both as a copywriter and as a journalist. He has now turned his hand to writing novels. His book The Zombie Dialogues harks back to the slow lumbering zombies. Which on their own may not be worrisome. Yet place them in a horde and you have an unstoppable mass of death. 

The story takes place in an unnamed city, so it could be anywhere, and tells the various stories of the survivors. When reading this story, it reminded me of Pulp Fiction in its narrative style. Small, independent stories all contributing to a whole. 

LJ has truly captured humanity at its best and worse. And while there are zombies in this story, the survivors of the apocalypse found out quickly that they were not as dangerous as the living. The Zombie Dialogues will have you laughing in macabre humour and have you cringe at a particularly gruesome death. This book has it all, and what’s more, it is a truly great adventure of humanity surviving at all costs.

The characters are so relatable. LJ’s writing proves that you can have strong female characters (and he has a few) alongside strong male characters as well. The narrative and style of his writing will engage you from the start. Pulling you into his world and experiencing the madness of a zombie ridden world.

LJ approached my business The Joy of Pages, a small editorial and typesetting company to finalise and help publish his book. I worked tirelessly to make LJ’s dreams of being a published author a reality and now he has a brilliant book to show for all of the hard work.

In LJ’s words “I looked long and hard to find an editor for my book… and while there are a lot of people out there who call themselves ‘editors’, they are just expensive proof readers. David’s input made the book what it is today and to say that he went above and beyond to help make it happen would be an understatement.”

If you want to read The Zombie Dialogues click here.

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