Parrots in Need

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This is Paul from Parrots in Need.
Parrots in need is one of those charities that you don’t often hear about due to their unique interest and appeal, but chatting to him over at the Denby Pottery ‘Brass on the Grass’ competition this year was fascinating.

Everyone and everything sometimes need a little help. From mental health support to donkey sanctuaries, retired catholic priests to the displacement of war scarred refugees, the human race has the potential to open its arms and spread some love. Paul and his team focus their love on giving homes and love to Parrots who for one reason or another, need some TLC.

Old age, ‘nuisance’ behaviour or just unloved, these parrots from the around the UK find themselves in need and Paul and (co founder Jenni) open their doors and hearts to all species and medical conditions, avian difficulties and individual needs giving a safe haven for these colourful and somewhat charming birds to the end of their time.

Jenni Franon and Paul Morgan, Parrots in Need.

The Parrots in need team attend events to raise their profile and let people meet and greet these squawking and chirping entertainers. Some birds are happy to sit on shoulders, pirate style and others prefer to sit in safety, on their perches, surveying the crowds of onlookers.

It really is a charming way to spend some time. These beautiful creatures happily nibbling a hello on your earlobe or squawking in conversation about the crowds of humans saying ‘pretty polly’ over and over again.

You can find out more about Parrots in Need over at their website: Parrots in Need. Should you so wish, you can also donate directly!

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