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Driven Media

DrivenMedia, founded by young entrepreneur Ed Hollands and as seen on Dragons Den.

The business uses commercial trucks, trailers and lorries with routes across the UK or Europe and turns them into mobile billboards, normally called truck advertising.  This provides highly visible, flexible and colourful marketing opportunities across the UK for brands to a hard to reach space the UK’s major road network whole providing a vital alternative funding platform to hauliers.

Inspiration for starting DrivenMedia came to Ed while walking back from dropping his fiancé Tara at work. He saw a major roundabout with traffic lights at rush hour, many large lorries and many cars backed up waiting for the lights to change and thought it would be a perfect opportunity for brands, organisations and larger businesses to promote their activities.

Since this unlikely start, DrivenMedia has gone strength to strength. Clients include Yboo, Ice Lolly and Canna.

If you think you’ve heard about Ed or DrivenMedia before you might have seen their appearance on Dragons Den in February 2018. During the show, Ed’s pitch attracted dragon Jenny Campbell who invested £30,000 stake for a 20% stake.

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