Derby Business networking
Face to face

There’s a Black Hare loose at Derby University

I’ve discovered a problem with this whole ‘Derby Business Network’ project.

The idea was to spend a bit of real time with people rather than just connect online.
You know, a quick coffee and a chit chat. Certain people may call it a ‘one to one’….

Maybe a slice of cake if I’m feeling like extra time is time well spent.

However, I’ve just spent 3 hours with one of Derby’s marketing aristocracy. Chrissie Rowell from Black Hare.
Maybe I need to find less engaging people to engage with!

The real issue with Chrissie Rowell is her company is an absolute pleasure. There will never be enough time.
They say ‘Those who can’t do, teach’ but when it comes to Chrissie, those students over at Derby Uni get the real thing! It’s not often they get to be taught subject matter from a tutor who can actually do what they say, who put their money where their mouth is and have their own marketing company and share the skills, theory and inside tips/tricks on how to succeed from such an expert position! Think your self lucky oh future marketeers, your future is in the hands of Chrissie! Learn well young Padowans, get your minds ready for moulding…..

So, marketeer, university lecturer, all round awesome person. Add into that, creative writing, copywriting, PR and press management, social media management, event conception and managment,  (deep breath) creative direction and digtial marketing, advertising and you think you know Chrissie.

Well let me stop you there as guess what?

She’s also Trustee of Headway. A charity in Derby dedicated to supporting those with life changing head injuries. Not just a ‘sitting on the board’ kind of trustee either, a get stuck in trustee, an on the front line trustee, a service user ‘get to knower’ trustee. The kind of trustee you need on the board, who can make a real impact.

Chat through current and future plans with Chrissie and you feel that she really does have it all sewn up. A creative person with a savvy business mind.
All the tools required to dominate the world.

And with her in charge?

What a wonderful world it will be!

High five Chrissie… High 5.


Check out Black Hare Marketing

Portraits by me: Michael Rowlands.

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