GDPR for photographers
Face to face

GDPR for photographers.. Awesome insight from CLF Consulting!

GDPR Looms.

The black cloud of GDPR hangs over us all and in a bid to ensure I had all the facts in order to give myself a big, smug and self satisfied grin. I reached out.
I reached out to the linkedin community of “Data Protection experts” with a specific question.

How does GDPR affect photographers?

Now I’ll be honest. (Its the best policy after all) linkedin threw up a right load of drivel. I’m talking absolute nonsense from people who had done a course about GDPR and were now “experts.” They wanted me to go on a course with them telling me stuff that really wasn’t answering my specific question around some specific information I had in my back pocket… Not in my back pocket in nice way, like a wallet full of cash, but in the way you feel when doing DIY and fill your jeans with a hand full of screws as there is no where else to put them, then you sit down….

Taking and retaining photographs of people could potentially be considered as personal data under the Data Protection Act 1998 and the data protection principles apply to them. Where the name and image of a person are linked – or are capable of being linked – then the person can be identified and the image should be regarded as personal data.

So in breezes the wonderful, life saving and amazing Claire from CLF Consulting. “Lets grab a coffee” was all it took and a 20 minute coffee turned into a 4 hour coffee morning with cake, a gallon of tea and a fried brain.

The impact of GDPR for photographers is massive and before we knew it, this impromptu coffee morning led to a workshop of  15 photographers sitting around a table in Nottingham listening to the impact Data Protection has on the work and life of a photographer. Hosted by Claire, this seminar was indepth, insightful and above all… Amazing.

So lets talk about Claire.
I’ve met her multiple times over the years and she needs an ‘I am Awesome’ T shirt.
Data Protection sounds dull but Claire presents in such a real and engaging way, you just can’t help but get pulled down the rabbit hole of GDPR with her as the white rabbit. Constantly engaging, someone you want to follow as at every step of the adventure, she is consistently reassuring.

The best bit about Claire isn’t her indepth subject knowledge. It isn’t her many years of experience and diverse skills within this sector, Its isn’t her forward thinking attitude to her industry and where she can take it… It is the simple fact that she can take her knoweldge and use it for good. For understanding how it applies to your business and the steps and changes you can make to comply and keep everything on the level. All in an easy to understand, personable and approachable way.

She had 15 worried photographers sitting round a table, asking constant questions as to how and what Data Protection means to us, the problems it may cause and the impact on our businesses and she didn’t bat an eyelid.

In short, you need Claire in your life. She is the lifebelt on the side of the duck pond. Ready to help prevent you being sucked under the surface by all the duck poo like scaremongering and mouldy bread that is the fall out of GDPR uncertainty.

She even had time, at 11 o’clock at night, after an indepth, heavy session with a bunch of photographers for a smile and quick picture.

Claire. Everyday hero!

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