Wedding magician Derby
Face to face

The Magic Business.

Matthew Ramsell Magic.

This whole project is based around meeting people.
Physically meeting them, being able to shake their hand and say hello.

I shook Matthews hand at a little networking event up in Ilkeston. A gentle, informal gathering of like minds over at ‘The Factory Kitchen’.

It’s always interesting meeting new people, especially before you know what they do. It’s always a meet, a hello, a little small talk and then the big question.. ‘So what do you do?’

Matthew’s response. Simply.. I’m Magic.

Hero Moment.

Funny and engaging with a well screwed on business brain. Matthew made an instant impression. Talking to him is as exciting and magical as it should be. He’s a memeber of the magic, circle for one… This elusive and mysterious club of expert magicians, sparking ideas of secret meetings where spells are conjoured, wizards in pointy wizards hats engage in conversation with mythical beasts… “what happens in the magic circle stays in the magic circle”

Matthew isn’t just a magician. He is a magic mentor with teachings and seminars under his belt dedicated to getting the ‘magic businss’ right. So if you have dreams that involve slieght of hand and workin the room. (that are not based in pick pocketing) Hooking up with Matthew just might be the wise choice!

Check out him and his work, over on his Magicians website.

Portraits by me: © Michael Rowlands.

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